Mountain Home Volunteer Fire Department trains regularly to ensure utmost preparedness for when disaster strikes:


Apparatus & Equipment

The current line of equipment used has been acquired over the years in response to events within the community.

Brush Trucks

Brush trucks are the workhorses of the fire department.  The role of the brush truck has changed over the past few years. Many brush trucks are now used as first responders, because of their ease of maneuverability and operation. In the past most rural or volunteer departments deployed these units to fight brush fires, but now these versatile units are used on almost all calls.


Tanker Trucks

A tanker truck is a specialized fire appliance with the primary purpose of transporting large amounts of water to the fireground to make it available for extinguishing operations. These are especially useful in rural areas where fire hydrants are not readily available and natural water resources are insufficient or difficult to exploit. Our Chief, Brien Alexander, did most of the work converting a donated truck from the Texas Forestry service to a large capacity all terrain tanker truck. The “Big Hoss” is well named.


Engine Truck

The engine truck carries water to a fire, and has the ability to pump the water at high flow rates onto the fire.  In addition to pumping water on to the fire, the engine truck can also provide high pressure water to numerous hoses in order to fight the fire.  The engine truck is the mainstay of the fire departments. The Mountain Home engine truck can carry five firemen to the fire, pump water through large diameter hoses, andprovide scene lighting with an on board power generator.



Rescue Truck

The newest addition to the Mountain Home Volunteer Fire Department is a heavy rescue truck with water and foam. This heavy wet rescue truck carries specialized equipment necessary for technical rescue situations such as auto accidents requiring vehicle extrication, building collapses, confined space rescue, rope rescues and swiftwater rescues. It carries an array of special equipment such as the Jaws of life, wooden cribbing, generators, winches, hi-lift jacks, airbags, and other forms of heavy equipment unavailable on standard trucks. This is a valuable asset to the community.